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  • Bulles de Champagne dans une bouteille
  • tradition and technology serving Sustainable quality

    In the vineyards, Pierre Déthune monitors changes to the vines and the soil, Leading his team to do the same. In the village, he participates actively in improving viticulture in the area. At home, he works to guarantee the excellence of his wines by constantly reinvesting in sustainable production tools. Over the years, Pierre and Sophie Déthune have purchased equipment that combines tradition and technology in order to improve the quality of their champagnes :

    • Upon taking over operations, Pierre modernised the assets he inherited from Paul, adding a pneumatic press in 1990. He added temperature-controlled tuns and oak barrels to the vat room. Pierre also purchases two to four 205-hl barrels each year from the Tonnellerie de Champagne. Pierre ages them himself, to create new aromatic complexities.

      Tonneau de Champagne

    • In 1999, Pierre Déthune wanted to start producing sustainable energy. Five years later, the winery, a pioneer in the Champagne region, was equipped with 54 sq.m of photovoltaic panels. Thanks to this installation, the winery now produces 20% of its electricity consumption. It also reduces its water consumption by 20% by collecting rain water.

      Panneaux solaires exploitation Champagne