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  • vigne et environnement
  • our concern for the environment

    sustainable viticulture

    Pierre is committed to respecting the environment, using sustainable viticulture methods to work the vines. The estate has put many practices in place that have led to it being granted the highest level of HEV certification (High Environmental Value). Created by the second Grenelle environment forum and recognised by national authorities, HEV Certification for farmers and winemakers attests to their respect for the environment. Certification is based on the following areas which are all applied at Champagne Paul Dethune:

    Biodiversity: changes such as the planting and maintenance of hedgerows and the reintroduction of the honeybee using hives, with the aim of encouraging and protecting the flora and fauna.

    Crop protection: sexual confusion and mechanical soil working and under-vine weeding constitute alternatives to insecticides, herbicides and disease control products.

    Crop maintenance: cover planting of vineyards and ends of paths and the use of amendments permitted in organic farming, naturally prevent erosion.

    The weight of inputs in the economic balance: the study and search for a balance between environmental and economic performance reduce the estate’s impact on its ecosystem.

    All of these approaches aim to protect the environment as well as the consumers’ wellbeing.

    • coccinelle

    • Panier de raisin noir

    Ladybugs, present in the vineyards, are a guarantee of a healthy environment. The lady bird is also the symbol of the village of Ambonnay.